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This is the second «part» my trip from Montreal to the Death Valley. I've separated it in two to get more details. It includes my time along the coast on highway 101 and national 1 from Port Angeles to San Francisco and the crossing of the Sierra Nevada trough Tioga Pass.


Port Angeles to San Francisco  




San Francisco to Panamint Springs 


The landscape changes drastically and everything gets flat, flat and flat. However, beautiful as well. It's a every peculiar kind of scenery, and its beauty is discreet: you have to listen to understand it. In fact, it a lot more easier to feel something with the Rockies drama. 

The truth about the prairies is (I think): it can be the hardest or easiest part of your trip. Some days I did 240km with 30-35km/h average with almost no effort and another I did 85km after spending all my energy at 8-11km/h (ridiculous-walking seems almost reasonable). Believe me, with 50-60km/h headwinds, you'll go insane. I remember almost crying: it's almost like the prairies want to teach you something.   



Lone Pine 


I didn't the existence of mount Whitney at the time and neither its «importance» since its the highest in the contiguous US. After my unexpected return from the death Valley I thought why not and that it would be a nice adventure. 

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