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Silk Road

Marco Polo went west to east, laying the first stones of the Silk Road. I'll follow in his footsteps and explore the wonders of Asia from Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, to Sagres, Portugal, bikepacking the mountains, valleys, forests, and deserts for four months and a half.


The trip is about 135 days over ~17-20 countries, ~∆ + 150 000 m and ~17 000 km of solo and mainly off-road bikepacking.

You can help me with this project by buying me some burgers! This will help me with food, plane tickets and some of the equipment I purchased for this trip. Also, 50% of the earnings will go to Youth Science Canada to help promote science among Canadian youth!




I will land in Ulaanbaatar and assemble my bike there. Afterwards, I'll head west towards the Kangai mountains. Then, the Altai mountain range will rise on the horizon, and I'll cycle through it, cross the Russian border, and reach Kazakisthan. At this time of year, Mongolia is still a cold place, often reaching -5 to -10˚C in an extremely dry climate. I'll have to carry plenty of merino wool clothing and an adequate sleeping system. 


Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan


I look forward to This part of the trip the most! The Pamir Highway is known to be the second highest in the world and has breathtaking scenery. I aim to follow this route and maybe cross some segments of Tajik National Park in the Bartang Valley with true bikepacking spirit! Afterwards, I'll head to Uzbekistan, making sure to visit Registan!











*All pictures are from Unsplash. They are meant to illustrate the trip! 


Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey

I'll go through the Kaçkar Mountains and follow the Black Sea coast until I reach Europe!

The Balkans and the Alpes

It's to be determined, but I'll most likely follow the coast until I reach the Dolomites!

The Europe divide (France, Spain and Portugal segment)

For this segment, I'll be following the Europe Divide, a route established by Andy Cox for bikepacking lovers!  You can get some more info on or the Europe Divide website. 

*All pictures are from Unsplash. They are meant to illustrate the trip! 

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