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(the) Canada 

The ideas coming up to my mind don't ever stop! 

(the) Ontario 


the prairies 

Winnipeg to Calgary


The landscape changes drastically and everything gets flat, flat and flat. However, beautiful as well. It's a every peculiar kind of scenery, and its beauty is discreet: you have to listen to understand it. In fact, it a lot more easier to feel something with the Rockies drama. 

The truth about the prairies is (I think): it can be the hardest or easiest part of your trip. Some days I did 240km with 30-35km/h average with almost no effort and another I did 85km after spending all my energy at 8-11km/h (ridiculous-walking seems almost reasonable). Believe me, with 50-60km/h headwinds, you'll go insane. I remember almost crying: it's almost like the prairies want to teach you something.   

the Rockies 

Calgary to Victoria

For me it was the easiest and most beautiful part with an inequivalent scenery. Here times goes faster and distances seem to contract (maybe Einstein got inspired here). You enter the national park after leaving Canmore and it's around 25km to Banff. In the park you technically have to pay for every day you're in and at the camping they might ask you to prove you paid or they'll do it. Other important thing, they always keep spots for bikers, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. On 93 they have self registration campsites, you can be sure to find a spot there as well. 

For the rockies I recommend detours. There's no reasons to take shortcuts here, everyting is beautiful, every mile is pure joy. Highway 93 (Icefields Parkway) goes from Banff to Jasper and is spectacular and you'll be able to see Mount Robson, the Canadian Rockies highest mountain (~3950m). If you have time I suggest strongly taking 99 to Vancouver instead of going straight from Kamloops. You'll enter the Pacific Coast Range which globally much higher (Mt Logan, Denali, etc.) and the scenery is... I have no words! You'll go through Savona, Cache Creek and Lilooet all witnesses of the gold rush. Funny thing, it's the driest region in Canada with rattlesnakes and cactus.  Then it's the worldwide known town of Whistler and it's 100km to Vancouver!   


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