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What to do during COVID-19? At the end of the strict lockdown, I had no school, and it was the perfect time to get on the saddle again. My goal was to reach Newfoundland and  Nova Scotia, hoping the provincial borders would eventually open. However, New-Brunswik kept everything closed... I had to head back home through the backcountry! 

I cycled around 3000km over 3 weeks. I also had one friend visit me in Gaspésie, where we travelled for about 2 additional weeks! The hikes, food, great company and scenic roads made this trip memorable. It was a great feeling to know in more detail my province!  

Sanstead to Tadoussac - Québec    

Fields, corn, soya, fields, forest, fields, wheat, fields, forest, forest, forest, forest, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries, a vast lake and the fjord which was my favorite part. It resumes very well the ride! The first four days I did around 800km, I had already visited most of this countryside, still beautiful!

the BACK


the COAST 

Québec to Pointe-à-la-Croix 

This part includes the south shore of Saint Laurent, the Gaspésie coast. That was the highlight of the trip. I had the chance to meet up with a friend, we did several hikes in the Gaspésie national park and did about 100km of canooing together (hard on the friendship). 



Point-à-la-Croix to Stanstead 

For this last part, I was a little tired, and the trip was ending in my head after several weeks on the road. I looked forward to meeting my family and enjoying the summer at the cottage. I flew across the countryside, pedalling 200km a day; the feeling at the end of the day: it was almost a drug. 


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