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the Apps 

A phone is an excellent travel tool: finding food, routes, etc. I use it a lot, and the internet is a great friend! However, I think the number of apps you'll use is limited since many of them are very similar. Choose those you like the most. 


It's a navigation app to plan you're route that synchronizes perfectly with Garmin. You can set the kind of ride you want, and Komoot takes care of the rest while it shows precisely all the climbs coming ahead - that I liked for daily planning. 




It's powerful navigation app showing almost all the possible existing trails. Even though it's more hiking-oriented, it can be useful for bikepacking. You can use it offline and sync the weather forecast.




It may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning. The app is excellent for finding food, lodging and even activities. It will also keep you off the few roads you're not allowed on a bicycle. 

The idea is to download maps when you get Wifi, and then the GPS is free! Very reliable.


Google Maps


It's more of a community than an app since it's all about passionate people. I've met people who didn't even know how to cycle but were giving back to the community because their sons were great fans. 

The idea is for cyclists not touring to host those who currently are. The experience is even more significant since there's already common ground. 




Wind can be your best friend and your worst enemy - by worst, I mean it. It profoundly messes with your head. That being said, having an app that tells you precisely how the wind will behave for the next two days at least is a gift from someone very extraordinary. It just improves planning, and that's why I loved it.  

Weather forecast



There's no particular reason why I used this precise app. It's the one I use at home, and I think the forecast is good.


The important thing is to make sure to have radar showing precipitations. It helps planning, especially in the prairies, where lightning storms are frequent. 

Weather forecast


the Garmin 

The two things you need to get you're Garmin working.


That app will generate the route you took, your stats, etc. You can share all this information with your «friends» (they need to have the app), which is a great way to keep family from worrying too much! 


Garmin Connect


That's the software you must install to install any apps on your Garmin device. So if you want Komoot, it's just downloading and synchronizing with Garmin. 


Garmin Express 

the OTHERS  

Some other apps I used during my trips! 

Find my friend




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