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the LIFE 


It doesn't matter if you cycle for a week, month or year; you will experience the lifestyle. Eating, sleeping, and breathing are all simple things that make much more sense while on the road... 


Keeping clothes clean as much as possible is good for the morale and if you can brush your teeth at the same time... wow! 


I used to hide my food in the trees to avoid bears... But that time in Marathon ON I just forgot it there while leaving for breakfast after a sleepless night (-5˚C in a summer sleeping bag).


Sometimes it was just lovely to sleep in a bed and have a proper shower. That day, I slept for 12 hours. 

I think it's important to say: not every day is extraordinary. Sometimes when going very hard against the wind for endless hours, Wilson starts talking to you... 


One day I got in touch with a lady... She was away travelling but told me her boler was unlocked. You end up sleeping in unexpected places! 


A restaurant's menu somewhere in Saskatchewan. 


You can even end up in a show! 


Lots of people will invite you to share a meal! 

You end up with pretty good legs !

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