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After almost two years of restrictions and struggle with COVID, Iceland is open again to visitors... and cyclists! After an internship in the gold mines and just before classes (skipping the first week - never been a problem so far), I put my bike on a plane and headed north.

It is hard to describe the beauty of Iceland and even harder to explore it - and for many reasons. It is far, the weather is terrible (big euphemism here), it's expensive, inland roads are bad, but more importantly, there are too many things to see and experience! It's not my last trip to this country... I'll be back and with different equipment for sure to explore deeper.


the COAST 

The south shore: Kevflavík airport - Egilsstaðir

Right after getting out of the plane, I knew this trip would be memorable. The landscape already strikes you as from another world. I felt like an astronaut cycling the lava fields. However, I had a hard time cycling the south shore. It was windy, and cold, and I was clearly underdressed.  

South to north shore : Egilsstaðir to Reykjavik

After passing by Djúpivogur, I took road 939 towards the highlands. After climbing for a while, I arrived at the top, and the sun showed its face! It was a relief, to be honest. It's hard on the mind when having only cold rain, headwinds and fog. It was my favourite part! I saw the Hafragilsfoss, did a nice hike at Ásbyrgi, tried to see whales in Húsavík, slept on a hill next to a gorgeous view of Námaskarð, went to Myvatn for a nice bath, etc. In Akureyri, I met two french guys, and we went northern lights hunting with their car!   




I was glad to make it to Reykjavik earlier; I hopped on the bus and went straight to Landmanlaugar after hearing so many great things about this place. I camped there for two nights and did pretty much all the hikes possible. There, I couldn't believe my eyes! Luckily, because of COVID, there was no one, sometimes I had the hot springs just for me at the end of my hikes!


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